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New here; Need a little advice/help

Hello all,

I'm Boo and new here. I became Buddhist several years ago, but am still very early in my study. I'm 34, married; I design and make clothing, read obsessively, collect music, write (short stories, poetry, and a long suffering autobiography); I"m a bit weird (ok, alot weird (smile); I talk too much, laugh too loud, and I run on 100 mph most of the time and rarely sleep. That's a bit about me, I guess.

My life has become extremely complicated over the past few years, and it's hindered my Dharma studies. I'm trying to resume where I left off and get back to learning. I'm afraid I need a bit of encouragement; I suspect I've been a bit lazy.

I've enjoyed reading what I have, so far, here, and I look forward to getting to know everyone. I hope you all don't mind dumb questions; I'll no doubt have a PILE of them. :)

First thing I wanted to ask, is could someone suggest some base-knowledge, starting point, books for me? I'd really appreciate any suggestions!

Peace of heart,

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there are places where buddhist monks live. I mean at least in michigan. Being thai, I went to them a lot with my mother when i lived with her. Usually you can go in and they will give you books and such.
I know it sounds dumb kind of, but start with books intended for students. Like somewhat younger students. its quite basic but not belittling you know? youll get a good basic knowledge and it will help you understand the concepts a lot easier because its simplified, but still informational. my name is Danai by the way. Good luck:-) keep in touch
Oh, that's a wonderful idea! I've gone over much of the basic, and pretty far past that, but I really feel I need to go back and start again; base up. I think my brain unlearned a few things over the past 2 years (yeesh!)

Now, when you say Children's books, are you talking about like a book that would be given at temple or do you mean just introduction books for children?
oh the ones from the temples. like i started reading those awhile back and now the more complex stuff seems a lot easier. glad to be of help! always good to review yknow?